Mad Factory Technology

In 2021 Mad Factory Tech was started as a means to sell different types of creations and builds. The first product that we are currently selling  started out as a gift and through some encouragement changed to represent our first 3 products. The goal of the company is to show/sell these creations. But no one quite knows what will come next from this place not even the man behind the mask (hence the madness!)


MFT Katana

The first MFT product to release! The MFT Katanas are blades designed from the ground up! The blades LED shines through highlighting the sharpened blade (dull edge) and the etched design that each of the 3 unique blades have! Features of this sword consists of a custom design on the guard to match the blade design, as well as an Ito wrap made of a black synthetic silk for a good feel while being held, the Mad factory Menuki is placed under the wrap as a sign of authenticity of our swords.  The hilt that holds the battery in place is held attached to the handle by magnets to replace batteries. A black on/ off button is on the bottom of the hilt for a sleek look this is followed by the special Mad Factory Tech inside to get the most use out of your battery! These swords will be great for any decorative or cosplay pieces. Be on the lookout for new models in the future!


All MFT Katanas are hand assembled and made in house leading to a longer lead time to restock in store. Thank you for your patience we will try to restock 1-2 times a month.We will be working on  speeding up the process in the future!


We would like to thank and promote the company’s that help us on our journey!


Special thanks to:

Inbound Studio for orchestrating and building our website!

Zyoncomics for the art designs on mugen no umi and Nagareru bokusu-chi!

Digital Impact Solutions for being our business and panflit card provider.